Black, Brown, Other

As 1 of 5 black creatives at my place of work, I’m constantly feeling displaced. Having to think about my own identity was the impetus for this project. I wanted an opportunity to collaborate creatively with people who felt the same. Instead of forcing a sense of strength or power, I needed to express a sense of vulnerability. To exhale.

People of color spend our whole lives being strong. Having to be the model minority, or exist without expression — the moment you truly reveal yourself it’s too much. (“I didn’t expect you to be ‘urban’ all of a sudden.”)  These photos and interviews explore the burden of being silent. There are so many ways that American life shuts out people of color unintentionally, and this project gave the opportunity for us to decompress all of that through candid talk.

Click on each photo read the stories of Alexis, Cassie, Yess and Ushshi